Kellsport Products is the leading distribution warehouse for Eureka Fluid Film aerosol and Fluid Film pails and drums. We ship to Fluid Film Dealers and auto parts stores all over the country. Ask your local dealer if they carry Eureka Fluid Film.

There are several different Fluid Film formula's. Fluid Film "NAS" is the most popular formula. "NAS" is used for auto undercoating, general lubrication, and rust preventing applications. When Fluid Film "NAS" is packaged in aerosol cans, it becomes Fluid Film "AS". So if you have used Fluid Film in the spray can, and want it in bulk (gallons, pails, etc), you would buy the Fluid Film "NAS" products.

Fluid Film "Liquid A" is a thinner, marine formula for interior applications,(rudder interiors, voids, etc.) Not recommended for vehicle undercoating.

Fluid Film "AR" is a very thick semi-gel for heavy marine applications. Not recommended for vehicle undercoating.

Note: Fluid Film NAS is the recommended product for auto & truck undercoating spray to stop rust & corrosion.

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We do not recommend airless spray guns for auto undercoating with Fluid Film. Many undercoaters have told us that airless guns waste 25%-50% more Fluid Film. The airless spray pattern is drastically different from an air atomized system. Airless spray does not wrap and feather around angles and edges like air atomized systems do. Airless systems are great for large flat surfaces such as walls and hulls of ships. They do not perform well on undercarriages with lots of protruding and angled parts.

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