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Woolwax "LV" (low FF viscosity) Cavity Wax

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Woolwax® "LV" is a thinner (lower viscosity) formula than traditional Woolwax®.  It is an identical formulation to traditional Woolwax®, however it is thinner and will creep and migrate into inaccessible areas quicker than traditional Woolwax®. 
Because Woolwax® "LV" is a thinner lanolin/wool grease formula, it is best used on enclosed protected areas (frame rails, doors, rockers etc.), or for indoor applications on machinery and other equipment.
Woolwax® "LV" should not be used as a vehicle undercoating in areas such as the undercarriage that are exposed to the elements.  Woolwax® "LV" is about the same viscosity as competitors lanolin and oil-based products. These products have proven to wash off too easily when exposed to the elements. But there are applications where a thinner formula can be used.  For these situations we have developed Woolwax® "LV".   Only traditional Woolwax® will provide long term protection and resist wash-off in areas exposed to road wash and other outdoor elements.

Suggested Applications for Woolwax® "LV".
  • CAVITY WAX.  Enclosed/protected areas of vehicle. (doors, frame rails, rockers, etc.)
  • Locks
  • Any type of equipment that is stored indoors.
  • Applications that need to be applied with a pump sprayer.
  • Firearms & fishing reels
  • Any metal equipment that needs corrosion protection & lubrication. 
Woolwax® "LV" is available in color Straw (applies clear)
Woolwax® "LV" is completely compatible with traditional Woolwax®, and can be mixed.

Note:  Woolwax® "LV" is about the same viscosity as other brands of lanolin coatings. It's low viscosity and will work well in enclosed protected areas. However we do not recommend it for undercarriage areas as it will not provide long term protection when exposed to the elements. We recommend the thicker traditional Woolwax® for undercarriage, and if you really prefer a thinner version for the enclosed area's, "LV" will work well. (The majority of our professional undercoaters use traditional Woolwax® for the entire application).

Available in quart bottle, gallons, 5 gallon pails, and 5 gallon drums.

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