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Woolwax™ Undercoating 1 gallon Jug. Straw ( Clear ) or ( Black ) or ( Gray )

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Woolwax™ is formulated to be thicker and more resistant to wash-off .

Woolwax™ is formulated to be thicker than  other lanolin based undercoating products.

Woolwax™ has almost no smell. We have neutralized the strong woolgrease odor with our proprietary process.

Woolwax™ is formulated with more raw woolgrease (lanolin) than any competitive product. That makes Woolwax® considerably thicker and more resistant to wash-off for longer protection.  

Woolwax™ is applied using the same Kellsport Products spray applicator guns .

Woolwax™ can be applied with most undercoating guns using 70-90 psi.

      Available in Accessories section is quart bottles of Woolwax™ LV Low viscosity. This is a thinner version of Woolwax™ (also with no smell). Some people prefer a thinner product in the interior areas. It is really not necessary, but some people are of that belief, so we offer a thinner version.  A simpler solution is to just thin out traditional Woolwax™ with a bit of vegetable oil (wesson, mazola, etc.).  Vegetable oil is very compatible with lanolin.  1/3 vegetable oil, 2/3 woolwax™.  If you are using the Woolwax™ bottles, just measure down 2 inches from the top, and that is 1/3 (2").   

 Since Woolwax™ is formulated thicker, in cold weather it may be necessary to heat up the Woolwax™ before applying. This is easily done by placing the container (bottle, pail, etc) in front of a floor heater for 5-10 minutes. After warming, stir well.

WOOLWAX™ is a lanolin based auto / truck undercoating made from raw lanolin. 
WOOLWAX™ sprays on wet and does not dry out.
WOOLWAX™ creates a thin lanolin film barrier to keep moisture and oxygen away from the base metal. * Solvent free. Environmentally friendly. * Always active and creeping into inaccessible areas. * WOOLWAX® will thicken to a gel film after applied and is very resistant to wash off. * Provides vehicle undercarriage protection for a full season. * Enclosed areas (doors, frame-rails, rocker-panels, etc., that are not exposed to road-wash will be protected indefinitely (years). This is the advantage of no solvents. There is nothing to dry up and evaporate.
WOOLWAX™  "Straw" is a "honey" color, but when applied appears fairly clear.  Woolwax™ "Black" is 100% colorfast and will remain pure black for the life of the application. The black will not wash out or lose color.
WOOLWAX™ is a non-drip formula. We make it to be as thick as possible to resist wash-off, yet still easily sprayable.
WOOLWAX™ can be applied with most undercoating guns using a pressure of 70-90 psi. Proudly manufactured in U.S.A.

Note: WOOLWAX® contains more raw  (lanolin) than competitive products.  This makes WOOLWAX® a more viscous (thicker) formula and much more resistant to wash-off. Because of this thick formulation it may be necessary to warm the  WOOLWAX® for a few minutes in front of a floor heater, before spraying. Once applied the WOOLWAX® will thicken to it's original viscosity which is very resistant to wash-off and will provide a longer period of protection. 

Easily applied with the Standard or PRO Undercoating Guns from kellsport products.

Q: I saw on the internet that it is better to use thinner products in the frame rails, doors, etc?

A: No. That is bad advice. And we have thinner formulas, so it's not about "the sale". Some people tell us that they use the Woolwax™ for the undercarriage and some thinner (and smellier) brand for the cavities because they think it creeps better. That’s just not accurate. The traditional Woolwax™ creeps and migrates just as well and leaves a thicker coating as a thinner formula. It may take us a bit longer to get there, but Woolwax™ will travel to all the same nooks and crannies and leave a much thicker surface build on the way.

On enclosed areas surface build is everything. Thin formulas will creep and the surface build gets thinner all along the way until the coating is so thin, there is almost no surface build to provide protection.

Bottom line.... original thick Woolwax™ (or any viscous coating) will provide better protection for enclosed areas (frame rails, etc.) than thin formulas that leave a very fine surface build (not much protection).

We manufacture a thinner version called Woolwax™ “LV” (low viscosity) for those that insist on thinner product. But we don’t promote it much because it is not necessary.

If for some reason you really want to thin out Woolwax™ for the inner cavities, all you need to do is add a bit of vegetable oil (Wesson, Mazzola, etc.) to the Woolwax™. Vegetable oil is very compatible with lanolin. 1/3 vegetable oil to 2/3 Woolwax™. The Woolwax™ quart bottles are 6”, so just fill the top 2” with vegetable oil.

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