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Woolwax™ Supreme Spray Applicator.

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This is the best value of any undercoating gun in the industry. We have made some cosmetic changes to the appearance, but it is the same frame and the performance is still awesome.

Woolwax™ Supreme Applicator Spray Gun. 
This is the next step up after the Woolwax™ Pro Gun. 
The Supreme gun can be used either with the (1) liter cannister, or from a pressure pot system using the optional Pressure pot adapter (listed under options)
The "Supreme" has a metal pressurized 1 liter cannister. A pressurized cannister will atomize the coating better,
Maximum psi is 110. This is plenty of pressure to deliver Woolwax™ at an awesome flow rate. 
Canister size is 1 Liter / 32 oz
There are (2) adjustments on the gun. (1) to adjust the amount of air to the gun, and (1) to adjust the amount of Woolwax flowing through the gun itself.  
The gun has a quick connect for easy-peasy changeover between fittings.  

Items Included:
(1) Supreme Applicator Spray Gun. 
(1) Cannister
(1) Heavy duty 18" flex hose with sold heavy duty gold handle and a  10" hook wand with 45 degree nozzle,
(1) There is a detachable  nozzle when you are using the gun without the wand.
(1) 32" Flexible wand with 360­° nozzle


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