Woolwax® undercoating Kit 4 Quarts/ Standard Gun

Woolwax® undercoating Kit 4 Quarts/ Standard Gun


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BLACK color [+$7.00]
14" Extension wand kit for Standard gun. (open end, not 360 degree). [+$12.00]
Upgrade to PRO indercoating gun frame [+$35.00]
18" Flexible wand with 360 degree nozzle for PRO gun [+$10.00]
24" Flexible extension wand with straight open end for PRO gun [+$10.00]
16: Straight Aluminum Wand for PRO gun [+$17.00]
Extra Quart Bottle of Woolwax® (full) (STRAW) [+$12.00]
Extra Quart Bottle of Woolwax® (full) (BLACK) [+$14.00]
Extra empty quart bottle [+$5.00]
Air Regulator to attach to STANDARD or PRO Gun [+$10.00]
Woolwax® 12 oz. aerosol spray can Straw (clear) [+$8.00]

This is a basic starter kit for undercoating vehicles, boat trailers,  outdoor power equipment, etc.  All you need to do is plug the gun into a compressor capable of 70-90psi, and spray away.  

Woolwax® is formulated to be thicker than any other lanolin based undercoating product.

Woolwax® has almost no smell. We have neutralized the strong woolgrease odor with our proprietary process.

Woolwax® is formulated with more raw woolgrease (lanolin) than any competitive product. That makes Woolwax® considerably thicker and more resistant to wash-off for longer protection.  

Woolwax® can be applied with most undercoating guns using 70-90 psi.

 Since Woolwax® is formulated thicker, in cold weather it may be necessary to heat up the Woolwax® before applying. This is easily done by placing the container (bottle, pail, etc) in front of a floor heater for 5-10 minutes. After warming, stir well.

WOOLWAX® is a lanolin based auto / truck undercoating made from raw WOOLWAX®.
WOOLWAX® sprays on wet and does not dry out.
WOOLWAX® creates a thin lanolin film barrier to keep moisture and oxygen away from the base metal. * Solvent free. Environmentally friendly. * Always active and creeping into inaccessible areas. * WOOLWAX® will thicken to a gel film after applied and is very resistant to wash off. * Provides vehicle undercarriage protection for a full season. * Enclosed areas (doors, frame-rails, rocker-panels, etc., that are not exposed to road-wash will be protected indefinitely (years). This is the advantage of no solvents. There is nothing to dry up and evaporate.
WOOLWAX® is a "honey" color, but when applied appears fairly clear. WOOLWAX is a very clean product as opposed to messy black products.
WOOLWAX® is a non-drip formula. We make it to be as thick as possible to resist wash-off, yet still easily sprayable.
WOOLWAX® can be applied with most undercoating guns using a pressure of 70-90 psi. Proudly manufactured in U.S.A.

Note: WOOLWAX® contains more raw woolwax (lanolin) than any competitive product.  This makes WOOLWAX® a more viscous (thicker) formula and much more resistant to wash-off. Because of this thick formulation it may be necessary to warm the  WOOLWAX® for a few minutes in front of a floor heater, before spraying. Once applied the WOOLWAX® will thicken to it's original viscosity which is very resistant to wash-off and will provide a longer period of protection. 

Easy application
Ordered the 4 quart kit with the standard gun. I couldn't be happier with how the undercarriage of my jeep turned out. The sprayer worked flawlessly. I just set the air pressure at 85 and coated away. The product flowed nice and evenly. It clung much better than I anticipated. Barely any over spray mist and no dripping at all. Nice thick coverage. It's been three weeks since I applied it and it looks just as good as the day I initially coated it. I suspect it will last a long time.
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Reviewed by:  from Butler. on 7/25/2019
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