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Woolwax® Undercoat Kit 4 Quarts / PRO GUN with (2) Extension wands

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Woolwax® is formulated to be thicker than any other lanolin based undercoating product.

Woolwax ® Undercoating Kit with PRO Undercoating Gun with (2) flexible extension wands
(4) Quart Bottles full and ready to use. (no messy filling)
(1) Woolwax® PRO Undercoating Gun
(1) 18" flexible extension wand with a 360 degree nozzle for coating the inside of rame rails, doors, etc.
(1) 24" flexible extension wand with a straight open end. Great for extra reach. Hold the gun in one hand, and point wand with the other.

This is a great Woolwax® starter kit.  The quart bottles already filled with Woolwax® make this a very simple startup.  You just need a compressor capable of 70-90 psi and you are ready to protect your vehicle with Woolwax® lanolin undercoating.

Black color option available.  If you do decide to use the color "black", you may want to purchase a quart of :"straw"(clear) for inside the doors, hinges, etc.  

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