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Woolwax® "Standard" Spray Gun. With extension wand !

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Newly revised. Now comes with a 14" extension wand for extra reach.

This is a brand new gun specifically modified to apply Woolwax® undercoat.
  • Smaller nozzle opening
  • Longer siphon tube
  • Heavy duty grommet trigger (no flimsy c-ring)
  • 2 Quart plastic bottles & screw on cap included. (empty bottles)
  • New conversion kit with 14" extension wand included.
  • Frame is imported.
  • Trigger, nozzle, and all attachments assembled in USA
Cleaning the Undercoat Gun.

Our Undercoat guns do not need to be cleaned after use when using with Woolwax®. Woolwax® undercoating is solvent free, so there is no evaporation or hardening process. The Woolwax® left in the bottle will thicken over time. But you can restore to its original viscosity by shaking vigorously.

Some people do prefer to clean the gun and wands. To do this we recommend just putting some solvent (acetone, mineral spirits, paint thinner, etc.) into one of the bottles and spraying a bit through the gun.  Some people just put water and dishwashing liquid into the bottle, and they say that it works fine.

Most people just leave the gun loaded and ready to go without doing anything at all.  That way you can do a quick touch-up or spray some outdoor power equipment with almost no setup time.

Bottom line……. Don’t worry about the undercoat guns when using Woolwax®. They won’t clog.

* This is the gun kit only. Empty bottles. Does not contain any Woolwax®

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