Woolwax® "Pro" Undercoating Gun
Woolwax® 'Pro' Undercoating Gun

Woolwax® "Pro" Undercoating Gun


This applicator gun was developed and modified specifically to apply Fluid Film® and Woolwax® products.

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16" Aluminum Solid Wand [+$17.00]
32" Flexible extension wand with 360 degree nozzle [+$12.00]
Extra Bottle & Cap [+$5.00]
Regulator to adjust pressure [+$12.00]
Woolwax Window Decal 6" $0

This gun was developed to spray & Woolwax® and other lanolin based undercoating.  This applicator gun used by many of our professional applicator locations. We consider this to be the best applicator spray gun available for Fluid Film® & Woolwax® undercoating applications. We had this gun modified and developed specifically for woolgrease undercoating. This gun comes complete with (1) 18" flexible 360° wand &  (1)  24" straight open end wand.

  • Modified internally to apply Fluid Film® or Woolwax®
  • Adjustable nozzle for flow control
  • Includes (3) clear quart bottles with caps
  • Includes 24"" flexible open-end wand
  • Includes 18" flex 360° extension wand
  • Includes brush applicator
  • European Made
Note:  The 32" 360°  optional long wand may not work well depending on the temperature, compressor psi, and product viscosity.  This long wand can easily be shortened by removing the barbed fitting at the end, cutting the tube, and replacing the barbed fitting. Because Woolwax® is thicker than any other undercoat product, we find the ideal length to be about 18". At 18" it works perfectly with Woolwax®.  Other thinner products may work well with a longer length.

Air Compressors for Undercoating guns

We get this question all the time.
Kellsport Products undercoating guns use very little pressure. Only 70-90psi. Most compressors run around 125 psi. So the psi and the cfm are not really important in this application. The tank size is important. We recommend n
o smaller than a 3 gallon tank size. Any smaller than that and you are constantly waiting for the tank to recover. Most very small compressors will say on the box "not adequate for spray painting". As long as you can spray paint with a compressor, you can use it to undercoat. Many people have told us they they have bought inexpensive compressors ($75+/-) from Harbor Freight or similar stores and they work just fine.
We suggest putting an inexpensive regulator ($10+/-) on the gun end so you can tweak it from the gun without having to go back and forth to the compressor. Don't try to remove the fitting at the bottom of the gun handle, as it does not come off. It's a standard 1/4" fitting. bring the gun with you to the store for the right connection.

Cleaning the Undercoat Gun.

Our Undercoat guns do not need to be cleaned after use when using with Woolwax®. Woolwax® undercoating is solvent free, so there is no evaporation or hardening process. The Woolwax® left in the bottle will thicken over time. But you can restore to its original viscosity by shaking vigorously.

Some people do prefer to clean the gun and wands. To do this we recommend just putting some solvent (acetone, mineral spirits, paint thinner, etc.) into one of the bottles and spraying a bit through the gun.  Some people just put water and dishwashing liquid into the bottle, and they say that it works fine.

Most people just leave the gun loaded and ready to go without doing anything at all.  That way you can do a quick touch-up or spray some outdoor power equipment with almost no setup time.

Bottom line……. Don’t worry about the undercoat guns when using Woolwax®. They won’t clog.

Manufacturer:  This product is marketed by Kellsport Products and is in no way affiliated with Eureka Chemical or Fluid Film®

Works Great
This gun works excellent. My son used it to spray his Jeep and Dodge truck. Spray pattern is right, easy to use, wands work well inside frame. Well worth the cost. Only difficult part is getting the product from the gallon to the spray bottles. next time I will buy the gallon lid pourer. otherwise, use a funnel and be patient. Oh, and dont spray up to your door handles. You will end up with it all over your clothes when you get in and out of the vehicle! Ask my son! :)
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from OXFORD. on 3/6/2019
This is much better then the basic gun. Highly recommended.
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Reviewed by:  from Houlton. on 6/17/2019
Buy this gun!!
I just sprayed my Jeep Wrangler 4 door’’s frame and underside today; this gun and spray kit is a Godsend! It works EXACTLY as described, sprays perfectly, and the 360 degree flexible wand works like a charm for inside the frame and for hard to reach areas. Set up time was negligible, I set the regulator on my 21 gallon oil less compressor to 80 psi and went to town. I’ve been using the spray cans up until now, but will NEVER go back to them for vehicle undercoating. I did purchase a 3M filter mask, because there is a bit of overspray, but all in all it was an easy, effective method of applying Fluid Film to my Jeep. 100% satisfied!!
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Reviewed by:  from Bellevue. on 7/3/2019
Pro Spray Gun kit
Nice sprayer. PROS: all metal (containers obviously plastic for easy viewing of fluid level); Brass tip; Made in Italy; adjustable flow rate; stiff but flexible nylon extensions with brass fittings; one extension has 360 deg application; multiple containers for easy preloading of FF; one cap has brush attached; gun does not need to be cleaned after use so you can grab it and use it even for small projects; add'l accessories available. super-fast shipping. CONS: pricey; no option to change spray pattern; unable to produce a fan spray. ---- Overall, applies product evenly and makes your uncarriage look sharp.
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Reviewed by:  from 2 Brier. on 12/18/2018
Kellsport Undercoating Spray Gun
I am very satisfied with this product for applying Fluid Film. This sprayer works well with the thick undercoating and can be adjusted from light to heavy spray with ease. The suction feed tube is about 1/2 inch in diameter and I had no clogs or stoppages. It is good to have the Fluid Film slightly warm (75-80 deg F) if applying on a cool day. the sprayer is well made and a good value, I recommend it.
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Reviewed by:  from Perkinsville. on 9/18/2019
Highly recommend this unit
I've done my 4 cars, a van and my expedition and the sprayer is ready for more. However my body isn't so enthusiastic, Average time per vehicle is around 3 hours more if you do any rust removal and cloroseal it first. The sprayer is easy to change wands and worked flawlessly. I do suggest the 32" adapter hose especially if you are spraying a truck. The folks made this website right and you can tell real people are here to take care of business.
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Reviewed by:  from Ann Arbor. on 10/12/2019
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