Kellsport Products introduced Fluid Film® to the automotive undercoating market many years ago. When we first started distributing Fluid Film® it was sold primarily to the marine and outdoor power equipment industry. Fluid Film® was located all the way across the country in California, and I don't think they knew what New England weather was like.  So two repair shops in Maine started undercoating cars and trucks with Fluid Film and they said that it worked pretty well. So these two guys, (Rick & Dave) started selling Fluid Film to other repair shops in Maine. And then NAPA stores stared getting requests for Fluid Film, so we started shipping to the individual NAPA stores. before long the NAPA Maine distribution Center called looking to stock Fluid Film. So we started shipping them, and they made it available to all their stores. Andf then other NAPA distribution centers started stocking Fluid Film®.  And that is how Fluid Film® got into the automotive undercoating business.  It started with two guys from Maine.

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