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Fluid Film is a non-drying, soft corrosion inhibitor that is used as an excellent vehicle undercoating.

The advantage of a soft auto undercoating like Fluid Film, over a hard one, is that if a hard coating gets chipped, water gets trapped underneath the hard coating and the metal surface, leading to more of a auto rust problem.

Fluid Film auto undercoat remains active, migrating to inaccessible areas and protecting from moisture and road salts, even calcium chloride. Because it is a soft coating, it is going to have to be redone every year, or twice a year. Applied in fall, it will get you through a full winter season.

FLUID FILM rust proofing penetrates to the base metal, remaining active and migrating to inaccessible areas. Provides long term protection from the corrosive effects of salts, calcium chloride, moisture and fertilizers, resulting in a "no drip" application which will protect vehicle's undercoating from metal deterioration.

Fluid Film auto undercoat FAQ

Care should be taken around non oil-resistant rubber goods. May cause swelling. Fluid Film may soften some vehicle undercoatings. This includes undercoating type paints. Check with dealer/vehicle manufacturer as to compatibility.

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