Remove Fluid Film

How to Remove Fluid Film

For easy removal of Fluid Film for the purpose of handling or inspection, a high pressure, cold-water pressure wash (1,000 – 3,000psi) is recommended. A standard, industrial strength pressure washer will suffice.

Fluid Film can also be removed by warm water detergent wash or with a commercial-grade biodegradable cleaner. When choosing a cleaner, one formulated to remove tough grease and grime deposits is advised.

Fluid Film can also be rubbed in like a wax if total removal of the product is not necessary, since Fluid Film is safe for use on paints and plastics. This will also offer extended protection of materials.

For equipment that is to be painted following a treatment of Fluid Film, a more vigorous cleaning is advised. A high-pressure, hot water or steam detergent wash (minimum 120F) is needed. Utilizing cleaning compounds specifically formulated to remove grease/wax as a pre-treatment process for painting are highly recommended.

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