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Hard-On™ Permanent hard coating

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Woolwax Hard-On is a high performance, permanent 1-time hard shell coating. NOT rubber.

Please read instructions carefully


·        This coating dries to a pure black. This is NOT a rubber coating. This dries to a very hard coating.

·        Drying time is 60 minutes to the touch, and 72 hours to be fully cured.

·        Expected life expectancy is 5-10 years depending on vehicle use.

·        Do not apply a soft non-drying coating (woolwax) on top of this product, as it may cause it to soften.   If after several years it needs touch-up, use the Hard-On product on top of the original coating.  

·        Do not apply over a soft coating (woolwax, FF, oil, etc.)

·        The surface does not need to be pristine. Hard-On™ is developed to be applied on used, slightly rusted, oily, or imperfect surfaces.

·        This product can freeze. Always store above 50 degrees.

·        Ideal temperature to apply is 50-90 degrees F.

·        Recommended dry thickness: 6 mils.  Coverage: 60+/- sf /gallon

·        Do not thin Hard-On. Must be applied at full strength.

·        This coating is not intended to be removed (be certain that you want a permanent coating).

·        Wipe off any overspray immediately with damp cloth before it begins to dry.

·        Keep unused product securely closed to keep air out.  

·        In addition to corrosion preventive, Hard-On is also a chip guard.

·        Incredible durable protection from salt, rust, moisture, and road debris.

·        Acts as a sound and vibration deadener.

·        Ideal product for very long-term vehicle protection as well as trailers, RV’s, school buses, motor homes, truck box trailers, delivery trucks, and more. 

     If you are not sure that you want a permanent (cannot be removed) coating, please contact us for more information.  Once applied, there are no do-overs.  Please consider this carefully. 


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