Fluid Film Users

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Kellsport Products is the leading distribution warehouse for Eureka Fluid Film aerosol and Fluid Film pails and drums.

Below are some users of Eureka Fluid Film®

Case/New Holland
Sold throughout their agricultural supply dealers.

Cirque Du Soleil
Used for theatrical underwater rigging for "O" at the Bellagio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV.

City of San Francisco
Used for protection of internal mechanisms of parking meters.

Delta Airlines
Used internally as general corrosion preventive and lubricant as well as specified applications on landing gear. It is recommended in its Process Standard for its excellent penetrating and corrosion preventive characteristics.

Department of Defense
Fluid Film® meets the navy's requirement for Wire Rope maintenance under MIL-PRF-18458 C. U.S. Department of Defense also conducted extensive testing of maintenance products for Navy vessels, resulting in superior performance finds for Fluid Film®.

General Motors
Fluid Film® is used internally as a corrosion preventive and lubricant.

General Services Administration
Used throughout the system as a general corrosion preventive and lubricant.

Hypro Pump
Has used Fluid Film® Liquid A for over a decade to coat pump internals being stored.

International Truck
Uses Fluid Film in their manufacturing process and is sold throughout their retail outlets.

John Deere
Fluid Film® is commonly applied to protect combines and tractors in their manufacturing facility to protect them from the harsh elements when they are being shipped overseas. Fluid Film® is also sold throughout their dealer system.

Ministry of Defense (UK)
Fluid Film® Liquid A is specified for use on chain and cable.

Morton Salt
Fluid Film® is used to protect locomotive drive chains on salt harvesting machinery. Testing was conducted to show that Fluid Film® extends drive chain life by 300%.

NAPA Auto Parts
Leader in auto supplies.

Fluid Film® is the only product of its kind to pass the rigid specifications to be used on the Space Shuttle.

Patterson Rental Tools
Fluid Film® is applied by a specially designed spraying system that moves through drill pipe, coating the interiors as it goes. Fluid Film® greatly extends the pipe longevity during storage resulting in immeasurable cost savings.

Rowan Company
Fluid Film® is used in protection of salt water tanks in some of the largest drill rig tanks in the world.

Hamilton Sunstrand Aerospace
Wrote specification for use as preservative oil for Magnesium.

United States Coast Guard
Fluid Film® is used as a protectant for corrosion caused by salt air and salt water. It is used during assembly of aircraft as well as on all exposed unprotected metal surfaces.

Washington State Department of Transportation
Fluid Film® is applied to cables in support of floating type bridges.

Otis Elevator
Sikorsky Aircraft
Canadian Dept.of Defense
Caterpillar Equipment
United States Postal Service
United States Navy
United States Army
State of N.C. Highway Department
State of N.H. Highway Department

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Kellsport Products is a proud distributor of Eureka Fluid Film spray lubricant rust preventive, Fluid Film Gallon Cans, and Fluid Film bulk products in 5 gallon pails & 55 gallon drums.

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