Fluid Film Auto & Truck Undercoating kit # 2  (Two gallon kit)

Fluid Film Auto & Truck Undercoating kit # 2 (Two gallon kit)

Fluid Film

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Upgrade to PRO GUN(no wands) [+$35.00]
32" 360° Flexible Wand [+$10.00]
24" Open-End Flexible Wand [+$10.00]
16" Aluminum Solid Wand [+$17.00]
Fluid Film Thick Wheel Well Grease 16oz. [+$12.00]
Extra Quart Bottle for fast reload [+$5.00]
Unibit 1/2" drill bit for perfectly round hole [+$22.00]
Extra can of Fluid Film 11.75 oz. spray [+$9.00]
Pump attachment for pouring spout [+$5.00]
Regulator to adjust pressure [+$12.00]
Extra hole plugs. Bag of 25 [+$5.00]
Extra hole plugs. Bag of 100 [+$15.00]
(1) Extra gallon of Fluid Film NAS [+$40.00]

Our most popular auto undercoating kit

Fluid Film Auto & Truck Undercoating Kit #2   (2 Gallon)

Includes everything in picture above for $129.50 
(2) Gallons Fluid Film NAS undercoating
(1) 11.75 oz, Fluid Film Aerosol spray can
(1) Standard Spray gun with (2) quart bottles and caps.(Bottles are empty)
(1) Brush for battery terminals, etc.
(1) 24" extension wand that fits on Fluid Film spray can
(10) 1/2" plastic hole plugs.
(1)  Lid with pouring spout for Fluid Film gallon can.
Free shipping to the lower 48 states.

A mid size SUV (like a Ford Escape) will take about 3/4 gallon Fluid Film to do a good job. Any pickup truck will take every bit of 1 to 1 1/4 gallons to undercoat. If you need more than (2) gallons you can add an extra gallon in the options, or just order the Undercoat Kit #3 (same as  kit #2 but with 5 gallons).

Note: The "Standard" gun that is included with the kits works extremely well with Fluid Film. However there are no extension wands for the "Standard" gun. It is for people that just want to coat the undercarriage.  The small 24" wand that comes with the kit will attach to the aerosol spray can. You can get inside the doors through the weep holes on the bottom with the wand, It has a 360° nozzle.

You must upgrade to the "PRO" gun if you need extension wands to get inside the doors, frame rails, rocker panels, etc.

The optional extension wands will only fit the Pro Gun.

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