Kellsport Products manufactures an assortment of extension wands and hoses for auto/truck undercoating guns. Keep in mind that the undercoat guns made by Kellsport products do extremely well by themselves, with no extensions. The guns will spray Woolwax® out about 12"-14".  The extension wands come in handy for inside the doors, rocker panels, and frame rails.  Most of the wands are flexible nylon hoses. below are the undercoating extension wands that we make.

1) 24" extension for 12oz Woolwax® aerosol spray can: This has a 360° nozzle at the end to provide a full cone-shaped spray pattern. This can be attached to the Woolwax® spray cans and will fit inside most weep holes at the bottom of the doors.  Apply Woolwax® undercoat to the door bottom for long term protection. Many people undercoat their vehicles using all Woolwax® spray cans.  The 24" spray can wand comes in very handy.

2) 32" extension with 360° nozzle for Pro Gun:  This fits only the Pro Gun by Kellsport Products.  32" is a long hose and may need to be shortened for viscous products like Woolwax®. The hose is easily shortened by removing the barbed fitting at the end, cutting the nylon hose, and replacing the barbed end fitting (360° brass nozzle). Thinner products may work well with the full 32".  We find that with Woolwax®, about 18" in length is ideal and works extremely well. This wand is great for spraying with the Pro Gun by Kellsport products and getting inside the doors, frame rails, rocker panels, and any other enclosed areas that need full coverage with Woolwax®.

3) 18" extension with 360° nozzle for Pro Gun:  Same hose as above, but manufactured at 18" for use with Woolwax® undercoating using any compressor operating at about 110-120 psi. For the extension wands you will generally need to increase the psi to 110-120 psi. When using the gun alone, 70-90 psi is adequate.

4)  24" extension with open-end for Pro Gun:  This comes in handy for spraying areas of the undercarriage that need some extra reach.  You can hold the gun in one hand and point the hose anywhere you like. Can also be used in doors, frame rails, and other hard to reach areas.  This is a very handy tool.

5) 16" Aluminum wand for Kellsport products Pro Gun:  This is a solid aluminum open-end wand. Comes in handy when undercoating a car or truck that is up high on a lift. This wand will give you the extra reach needed for the difficult to reach areas. 

We are always developing new extensions, hoses and attachments for our undercoating guns. We stock all the undercoating hose tubing and fittings in our undercoat gun manufacturing facility. If there is a special length or fitting modification that you need, please contact us. We may be able to accommodate your request.

These undercoating gun extension wands can be seen  here.

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