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What type of retailers sell Eureka Fluid Film® ?

Fluid Film® can be sold by a wide variety of retailers. It's almost unlimited.

Does it cost more to buy from a distributor (Kellsport Products) ?

No. Eureka Chemical Company establishes the Dealer pricing.

What are the minimum order requirements ?

Fluid Film® products must be ordered in the factory case-packs. For instance aerosol cans are packed 12 units to a case, and 2 cases to a box.

What are the terms of payment ?

We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover. We offer net 30 day terms to qualified accounts after credit approval.

Will Fluid Film® work on battery terminals

Fluid Film® is an excellent way to protect battery terminals. Because Fluid Film® is non-conductive, make your connections before applying. The non-drying characteristics of Fluid Film® will provide long term protection in this application.

Call us at 888-341-4600 for information.

Kellsport Products is a proud distributor of Eureka Fluid Film spray lubricant rust preventive, Fluid Film Gallon Cans, and Fluid Film bulk products in 5 gallon pails & 55 gallon drums.

Fluid Film MSDS Sheets