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Kellsport Products is the leading distribution warehouse for Eureka Fluid Film aerosol and Fluid Film pails and drums. We ship to Fluid Film Dealers and auto parts stores all over the country. Ask your local dealer if they carry Eureka Fluid Film.

There are several different Fluid Film formula's. Fluid Film "NAS" is the most popular formula. "NAS" is used for auto undercoating, general lubrication, and rust preventing applications. When Fluid Film "NAS" is packaged in aerosol cans, it becomes Fluid Film "AS".  So if you have used Fluid Film in the spray can, and want it in bulk (gallons, pails, etc), you would buy the Fluid Film "NAS" products.

Fluid Film "Liquid A" is a thinner, marine formula for interior applications,(rudder interiors, voids, etc.)  Not recommended for vehicle undercoating. 

Fluid Film "AR" is a very thick semi-gel for heavy marine applications. Not recommended for vehicle undercoating.

Note: Fluid Film NAS is the recommended product for auto & truck undercoating spray to stop rust & corrosion.
Fluid Film AS11
11.75 oz. spray

Fluid Film NAS1
1 Gallon NAS

Fluid Film NAS5
5 Gallon pail NAS

Fluid Film NAS55
55 Gallon drum NAS

Fluid Film NAS8
8 oz. Brush can NAS

Fluid Film NAS12
12 oz. pump can NAS

24" extension wand for spray cans. 360 degree nozzle at end.

Fluid Film AS2
2.25 oz. spray
(toolbox/sample size)
Fluid Film Spray Gun
with quart bottles

Fluid Film NAS & AS products
Fluid Film Auto undercoating kits
Fluid Film Undercoat kit # 1
1 Gallon
Fluid Film Undercoat kit # 2
2 Gallon (our most popular)
Fluid Film Undercoat kit # 3
5 Gallon

Note: It takes 1/2 - 3/4 gallon of Fluid Film to undercoat a full size vehicle.
Fluid Film assortment kits
Fluid Film Spray & Brush
Fluid Film assortment kit #1
Fluid Film assortment kit # 2 (most popular)

Fluid Film heavy marine & industrial products
Fluid Film Liquid A
Fluid Film Semi- Liquid AR
Fluid Film WRO-EP
Wire Rope Grease

Fluid Film is the worldwide standard for corrosion protection and lubrication.
Call us at 888-341-4600 for information.
Call us at 888-341-4600 for information.
Q. What makes Fluid Film different from its competitors?
A. Where most products contain between seventy and ninety percent solvent, Fluid Film contains none except for its propellant, meaning long lasting lubrication and protection. With no solvent, Fluid Film won't evaporate or become sticky or gummy, allowing it to migrate to other areas for lubrication or protection. With its unique lanolin base, Fluid Film will actually embed itself in the pores of metal, resisting wash off and keeping moisture and oxygen from getting to the base metal. Containing no solvent content, Fluid Film lends itself to numerous applications where the comparative solvent-based products would not even be considered

Q. What effect does Fluid Film have on the environment?
A. Fluid Film is classified as a non-toxic and non-hazardous liquid and contains less than one percent VOC content. Lower VOC content helps eliminate the use of ozone-depleting chemicals in the atmosphere. Fluid Film contains no solvents, phenols, heavy metals, arsenic, pcb's, pc's,  or other dioxin related substances. It is manufactured using an all natural lanolin base.

Q. Will Fluid Film harm paint?
A. Not at all. Fluid Film can be applied directly to paint without harming it.

Q. Will Fluid Film harm rubber or plastic?
A. It has no adverse effect on plastic or synthetic rubber, but it may cause some swelling on natural rubber.

Q. Can I paint over Fluid Film?
A. Because Fluid Film leaves a wet, non-drying film and embeds itself in the pores of the metal, any surface treated with Fluid Film should be wiped down with a good biodegradable cleaner before painting.

Q. Is Fluid Film an effective rust remover?
A. No, Fluid Film is not formulated to remove rust. However, if applied over existing rust, it will stop it immediately from spreading further. Fluid Film will penetrate rust and rust scale to the base metal, loosening and easing in the removal process

Q. Will Fluid Film prevent existing rust from spreading?
A. Yes, Fluid Film will stop it immediately from spreading further.

Q. Can I apply Fluid Film on my battery terminals to prevent corrosion?
A. Yes, it's an excellent way to prevent corrosion on battery terminals. Fluid Film is non-conductive, so you'll need to make your battery connections PRIOR to applying. The non-drying nature will provide long term protection.

Q. Will dirt build up on the surface after applying Fluid Film?
A. Because it remains wet, you'll see an initial light dusting, but because it doesn't have any solvents it won't become sticky and gum up or create a build-up of dirt.

Q. Will Fluid Film harm electrical connections?
A. No. It is non-conductive, so be sure to establish all connections prior to application.

Q. Will it keep locks from freezing during the winter?
A. Yes, a light application is all that's needed to provide long term lubrication for lock assemblies, even in freezing temperatures.

Q. Can I use Fluid Film to condition my leather work boots?
A.  Fluid Film is an excellent conditioner for leather products and will not only soften but also weather proof your leather work boots.

Q. Does Fluid Film work on snow blowers, snowmobiles, shovels and other snow removal equipment?
A. Yes, it will prevent snow from sticking to the surface.

Q. Will it work on motorcycle chains?
A. Fluid Film is an all purpose chain lube due to its non-solvent application. Spray Fluid Film directly on the chain, wiping off excess with a clean rag. Fluid Film will migrate into all areas, providing long-lasting lubrication and protection from rust. Great on bicycle chains as well.

Q. Can I use Fluid Film on guns and other firearms?
A. Yes. Apply Fluid Film to a clean dry rag, rubbing into metal surface as would be done with a polish or a wax. It will not leave fingerprints or negatively affect bluing. The lanolin base of Fluid Film will also act as a conditioner on the wood stock. Fluid Film will hold up in extreme conditions.

Q. Will Fluid Film dry out over time?
A. Not it will not dry out. Fluid Film is a lanolin based product containing no solvents. It will not evaporate or dry out. It will leave a wet, non-drying film, that will provide long term corrosion protection on all metals and superior lubrication for all moving parts

Q. Can Fluid Film prevent grass from sticking to my lawn mower?
A. We grass will stick to almost every surface. By applying Fluid Film to your mower it will protect against corrosion and although it won't prevent grass build up, it will make it easier to it.

Q. Does Fluid Film work on all types of metals?
A. Fluid Film will protect all metals from oxidation and atmospheric corrosion, including steel, stainless steel, copper, lead, tin and zinc. It will stop chrome and brass from pitting and aluminum and magnesium from oxidizing.

Q. My stainless steel has pitted areas that are corroding. Will Fluid Film help prevent additional corrosion?
A. Yes, it will protect those pitted areas that from corroding.

Q. If applied to trimming or cutting lawn devices, will it burn greenery?
A. No, it will not. It is safe to use in this application.

Q. Can I thin down Fluid Film and use it in a pump spray?
A. The first recommendation is to thoroughly mix the product. Fluid Film is thixotropic, and will get heavier upon sitting. Achieving room temperature with the product will help as well. If a thinner version is wanted, start by mixing a small amount of vegetable oil to the product until the desired consistency is reached. It is not recommended that Fluid Film be used in a pump type sprayer even after thinning. A paint sprayer is what is recommended for proper application.

Q. Can I use a pump type sprayer for applying Fluid Film from the 5 gallon container?
A. No. Fluid Film needs to be sprayed at 60-90 psi. We recommend the Fluid Film spray applicator guns that we have developed exclusively for Fluid Film NAS formula.  Fluid Film spray guns

Q. What's the shelf life of Fluid Film?
A. The shelf life of Fluid Film bulk packaging (gallons, pails,) is indefinite. Fluid Film aerosol spray cans are guaranteed for 12 months.

Q. How often do I need to apply Fluid Film for auto or truck undercoating ?
A. Fluid Film is an annual application.  Apply in the fall to provide protection through the winter season.
Kellsport Products stocks Eureka Fluid Film  for same day shipment. Free shipping Fluid Film orders over $35.

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include 24" extension wand with 360 nozzle. Fits Fluid Film spray cans.

Fluid Film Jetski kit with 24" extension wand for spray cans.
Trailer Kit.  Protection for boat and utility trailers. Includes 16 oz. jar of heavy duty Fluid Film AR marine formula. Also includes 360 extension wand to spray Fluid Film into trailer frame tubes.
Stop Rust on boat trailers, utility trailers, RV's.
include 24" extension wand with 360 nozzle. Fits Fluid Film spray cans.

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We do not recommend airless spray guns for auto undercoating with Fluid Film. Many undercoaters have told us that airless guns waste 25%-50% more Fluid Film. The airless spray pattern is drastically different from an air atomized system. Airless spray does not wrap and feather around angles and edges like air atomized systems do. Airless systems are great for large flat surfaces such as walls and hulls of ships. They do not perform well on undercarriages with lots of protruding and angled parts.
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